Delicious Family Dinners at a Great Price!

Driving home from work over the Spring of 2018, Joshua Council, single dad of three children, wondered what needed to be made for dinner. Another late night filled with homework, bath times, and the same burning question... "What's for dinner???"

Tired of the buckets of chicken, pizzas to go, and the late night burger run, Joshua was inspired with the idea of a restaurant focused on dinners to go. But not just a quick meal for one. Something for the FAMILY. Something that cut out the prep work with a fantastic dinner popped in the oven within minutes. The concept of Fantastic Dinners To Go was born.

Joshua acquired the food truck for his idea before a menu was even created. He then went to the recipe books. The family recipe books - all the favorite meals created over the last 50 years from 4 generations of Council's and Tull's. Joshua's early years were focused around the restaurant business. His parents, grandparents, and even cousins & uncles all worked in Tull's Seafood Restaurant in South Jersey. They even had their own commercial fishing vessels to bring in the fresh catches of the day for their menu items. Because the family focus has always been on seafood, the award-winning lobster bisque was the first item on Joshua's menu - tweaked with a Gulf Coast version of shrimp, crawfish, and jumbo lump crab meat. Then came the household favorites of lasagna, chicken spaghetti, king ranch chicken, stuffed chicken breasts & chopped sirloins, and his special version of a dump cake/cobbler.

So as soon as your workday is through, swing by for an easy dinner, pop it in your oven, and enjoy the rest of your evening!